Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Strategy or Lethargy?

China has asked India to stop The Dalai Lama, from visiting Arunachal.
National Remote Sensing Agency has confirmed that construction of dam is on at the Zangmu site on the Chinese side of the Brahmaputra River for possible diversions of the river.
China invests in power projects in Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir.
Kashmiris are being given a stapled attachment for a visa instead of a regular Chinese visa - all aimed at conveying Beijing's latest anti India ploy.
India’s patience is being tried but India just smiles indulgently at the antics of China.
Gandhiji’s legacy survives?

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  1. It is sad that the Dalai Lama isn't welcome everywhere! China's loss should he not visit. Perhaps India is smart to just smile indulgently at China's nonsense...we could all do well, I think, to remember Gandhi and practice a little of what he preached!