Thursday, June 3, 2010

Distant Echoes

DISTANT ECHOES by James Bengel
Here is a book of poetry and images that is guaranteed to drive away all your blues.
It is a must buy for all black and white photography buffs and for all poetry enthusiasts.
His sensitivity and philosophy is truly admirable.

I must have read it innumerable times and yet everytime I pick it up I find it refreshing.
One of my favorite poem is 'I am not dreaming' The 1st verse is:

I don't remember dreams
But if I did
I would remember the one
Where I stand on the beach
Scanning the ocean
Just beyond the breakers
Where the riptides don't reach
Where the swells are steep
Where you are.

The book is available at

For a taste of what lies in the book visit his blog at


  1. Bahut dhanyavaad, Deepak. Such kind words. I am humbled my friend, and honored. Deeply.

  2. This sounds lovely. Love poetry and the extract that you have included in your blog post is enticing enough for me to grab and get this book. Thanks a lot for this review.