Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ongoing culture conflict - (concluded)

The meeting went off predictably except for the fact that Namdeo had to wait for nearly three hours for the arrival of Mr.Kamble who acted as if it was the done thing. There were lot of papers to be signed on and the cheque for the promised amount was handed over to Namdeo ceremoniously.
Namdeo returned to his village and back to his daily activities the same evening. It was nearly two years later that he got a telephone call from Yakub advising him of the release of his film.
Apparently there was a gala premiere for the release of the film attended by all the big names in politics, underworld and the filmworld but sadly Namdeo was not even informed about it.
Namdeo saw the film when it was released in the neighbouring town about a week later. He could barely recognise the plot as his. It was totally mutilated and felt relieved that his name appeared in small print in the credits.
Namdeo vowed that he would never again sell his soul for a film.

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