Monday, July 19, 2010


A report on -
Addressing a public meeting last night, Chidambaram said he had met Prabhakaran and talked with him for hours. "He (Prabhakaran) was not our enemy. We were opposed to the path chosen by him."

Is he trying to say that basically Prabhakaran is a good guy but the path which he has adopted is wrong hence he should be revered? Would the same thinking be applied by Mr.Chidambaram to all criminals/terrorists/anti social elements?
Is this what we would like to hear from our Home Minister?
This worries me about the garden path that we are being led on.

Another report about the railway accident in which 50 people lost their lives has our Railway Minister stating thus -
"I am suspicious about the cause of the accident," Banerjee told reporters when asked about the circumstances that led to the mishap.
"We have some doubt in our mind. Whatever happened is not casual thing. We will take all strong steps against those who are behind this," she said before proceeding for the accident site.

She feels it is not casual! I mean who would, specially in an accident where 50 people have lost their lives? And if she says she has some doubts, that indicates that she must have anticipated something like this to happen. And if she did, why was prevention not preferred to cure?
In their squabble of power politics how much has the citizen to suffer?

I solicit answers.


  1. Short and crisp!!
    Yes, our home minister and the entire govt. have been sweet-talking us into the things which would harm the nation in long run

    Nice post! :)

  2. Very TRUE!!
    Swathi Pradeep,

  3. Barely after a day of the crash, Didi was back to doing what she does best - petty regional politics.

    She should just go!!!

  4. hi, i am your new follower.

    even i was aghast to see how see was busy with the huge crownd cheering her and her party. poor and injured be damned!