Friday, August 6, 2010

I wonder

The cool breeze blew
but the excitement did not wane
The news that made the day
had temperatures rising
I looked up at the moon
Shining there in solitary splendour
It seemed so innocent and playful
as it darted in and out
of the floating clouds
Had man really defiled it
By stepping there?

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  1. nah...leaving footprints is not when they spill a bunch of oil on it or start exporting our junk there...then we got a problem...nice 55.

  2. I think she may have liked the company. It's kinda lonely on the moon.

    Lovely 55

    smiles from the moon

  3. how creative it is,
    a thoughtful and beautiful 55.

  4. Magiceye...
    I lovva da Lunar...
    Excellent 55 My Friend.
    Far away places Love to be visited!
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  5. Great 55, Depak...for a minute I was wondering, is it Friday already but, yes, it certainly is in Mumbai...and I was just waiting a little while to call my friend at Sahar. I know he likes to sleep late. I'm trying to set up my trip. I haven't called yet because I had planned to try to come around the first part of Nov but I think that Diwali and it may be hard to get frequent flyer tickets then!

  6. interesting question from you and response from brian. food for thought...

  7. I never thought of that possibility before. Very nicely done.

    Mine’s here.

  8. Sir this is so elegantly put!
    Words to make you wonder and sigh..

  9. interesting thoughts - always thought of leaving footsteps on the moon as really exciting - as long as they don't leave their empty coke bottles up there... ;o)

  10. I always thought it was a shame to leave footprints because, unlike here, there's no wind to wipe them away. Great 55 words.

    My 55 are here.

  11. No they did that when they stopped seeing it as Diana hunting in the sky! If you want to hear (yes hear!) or read my Friday 55 Flash fiction then click here. Hope you have a good weekend!

  12. Love this thought on a very well known event! Footprints - wonder how long they last on the moon?

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Ahhh, I like the idea of the innocent moon.

    And funny, those footprints up there will stay untouched for like 100,000 years, or something because there is no wind there -- not even a gentle breeze. :0

    whoo-hoo!! Friday 55.

  15. Come on! Everybody knows the moon landings were faked!

    (Thus, your moon's solitary splendour remains unsullied by the clumbsy treadinigs of Man)

  16. I wonder how our Earth would be seen from moon.. hope it did't go flat.
    Love your idea and thought. good imagination

  17. As long as we don't "damage" it, we are good...
    When I read your poem, I was immediately reminded of the movie "Despicable Me" .. If you've watched it, you'll know why I said that :)

    A lovely poem.. the moon gets me to wonder a lot...

  18. Must have. the moon goddess Diana is supposed to be a Virgin. If man stepped there you know he did defile it!


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