Friday, October 1, 2010

The verdict

The storm raised
by morons expelling hot air
has receded
And now there is a sense of calm
and peace generated by
young minds infusing fresh thoughts.
The message is clear
Cast out the old decaying ideas
and let the sun shine on
the new sprouts
and nurture them
to foster a
Bright new world.

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  1. A ferocious poem with a intelligent veil cast over the blunt face. good one my friend. pretty good one...the world is changing no doubt...

  2. i am glad then that the storm has passed...bring on the sun...
    nice 55

  3. I am saddened by the irresponsible headlines in some of our reputed dailies.

  4. I get a very positive feeling reading this one this week!!!

    Here is my 55 link

  5. Like the optimist feel here...

  6. Every politician in India should read this. Most are SO old!

    Here is my Haibun in 55 words!

  7. funny, this reminds me of jon stwearts 'restore sanity' march...

  8. Here here! Love the message in your 55!

  9. I love the imagery and I love the idea! Yes, it's time to get some new growth going for sure!

  10. It's a new day. let the sun shine on

    Thanks for playing today on G-mans 55

    to quote our friend "have a kick ass weekend"

  11. You ought to send that to the White House.

  12. ..young minds infusing fresh thoughts..and experienced olds are a unbeatable team when they manage to work together..

  13. "let the sun shine on"

    Interesting how that simple phrase conveys such feelings of warmth and promise, just like when George Harrison sang the line, "Here comes the sun"

  14. I like this a lot. there's such hope for the future in it. Stand back, here comes the next generation.

  15. It is always better to walk with our own sunshine wherever we may go.