Friday, November 19, 2010

Live and let live

Be it a goat or a chicken
why does it have to die
at the altar to express my thanksgiving
It seems very supercilious on my part
to sacrifice a life that had nothing to do
With me or mine.
It is time now to show
How evolved I am
By living and letting live.

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  1. But they are so tasty!

    Thanks for the "food for thought"! And regardless of what ends up on your plate I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. They are tasty. But gosh, you wrote this so simply and well. I'm thinking maybe some pie and potatos would do the trick just fine. Poor birdies!

    Mine's up HERE

  3. You may be right My Friend, but soy or rice just don't cut it on Thanksgiving.
    Excellent 55 Magiceye!
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  4. You are so much more noble than I am, my friend...very well written and thought provoking, though, as are most of your posts!

  5. I am right there with you! I'll be enjoying my vegetarian Thanksgiving, and my family has even acknowledged my dressing is better than the real stuff a lot of other people make!

  6. MMM I wish I could enjoy the turkey but can't

    I will instead sacrifice a portabella mushroom

    Happy weekend

    Moon smiles

  7. so what are you going to eat...veggies have feelings too you know...smiles.

  8. WOW once again you amaze me with your words...
    Supercilious they truly are these ritualistic sacrifices. I dont know which sick mind came up with an idea that death given to another being can bring one good luck????
    I loved the way you coin many phrases there! Flawless piece here...:D

  9. Hey, that was very well expressed. Who are we, just a living being to sacrifice another life? Say yes to vegetarianism!

  10. Exactly, why kill to celebrate!!

  11. wonderful thought and I believe in the same philosophy .

  12. Wow...few words and such a deep meaning. Plus the subject is unique too :)

  13. Interesting and a valid thought ! Am there with you on this one ! I jsut can't imagine eating non vegetarian food just for the fact that all are living !

  14. We've lost connection with the food we eat in so many ways. Ten minutes watching the Food Channel will make you want to be sick these days--eating contests, food portions distrbuted by weight, or incredible frivolous waste for 'presentation's' sake...I liked your poem, and I liked the point it made even more.

  15. Life begets life, whether it be animal or vegetable.

    (Nobody cries for the pumpkins that give their lives for our pies, yet they were just as alive)

    It's not the manner in which you give thanks, it only that you do.

  16. so no thanksgiving turkey for you..? food for thought to chew on in your 55..

  17. wow,
    I do eat turkey at other times.
    well constructed 55.
    Happy Weekend.

  18. I do agree with your sentiment here.. Sacrifice for one's own feasting - kinda self contradictory.. no?
    But then I think, if a bird/animal has already been slain, then I may as well respect it in its afterlife... (just a thought)
    Poor plants and veggies though... we don't even think of the pain they might be going though!!