Friday, December 3, 2010

Mumbai chills

There is a nip in the air
And the dawn is sluggish.
The day rushes through in quicktime
And dreamtime gets a boost.
In Mumbai, winter is celebrated
When the sweat stops pouring
And the temperature settles at 18Celsius
The woollies are out
For a day or two
And soon it is time
For summer.

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  1. I love this -- Mumbai chills --- for two whole days while it is cold and wet and rainy where I live 9 months out of the year,,,lets divide this up -- I take some sunny days and you can have the rainy days.


  2. I'm packing my bags. Be there as fast as I can. Unless you want to take some of my snow? We've got about six inches left after the last melt.

  3. we have snow on its way now...and soon enough i will be hoping for summer...smiles. nice 55.

  4. I'm debating whether I dislike the cold or the heat more.

    (Cold's winning today!)

    Nice 55!

  5. oh i would love to have some mumbai chills - we had -10 degrees celsius this morning---freezing cold..

  6. HA!!!
    This cracked me up...
    Loved your 55 Magiceye..
    This made me almost shiver..hahaha
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  7. I'm already waiting for summer! Nice 55.

  8. superlike,bt ihate summer, do visit chennai sumtym n den u gona ind the atrocites of savage summer :P

  9. I spent a New Year's eve in Mumbai and it was pretty warm then. But Sea is definitely calmer.

  10. While we in Delhi are sick of the winter layers, those in warmer parts love to wear them even if only for a day or two! You said it: winter starts in such places when sweat stops pouring :D

  11. Our summer is so far off as to be invisible! LOL :)

  12. hehehe.. tell me about it!! My sweater actually came out only for a coupla days... and even then, I used to make a big hue and cry about having to wear them! And now here in NY, it's at freezing point!! And we are all wrapped in layers and layers!! Phhheewww.. what a contrast!! Two of my MOST fav. cities... so similar, and yet so different!

    Have a lovely winter, my friend!

  13. lovely 55,
    it is okay in my place.
    a light jacket will do.
    Happy Tuesday.