Friday, September 14, 2012

Lewis Hamilton cometh!

Lewis Hamilton is coming to town and I am not going to leave the slimmest opportunity to get into his car for a lap! I am 59 now and yet so many things to be done before I say Bye! So Speedfest it is for me!
Shall ensure Lewis will get the total Indian experience when he takes me onboard and hears the choicest abuses in Hindi when he is busy scaring the shit out of me! Lewis will have the most memorable lap of his lifetime with me! He will keep visiting India for more!! Trust me!!  Get me onto that seat! Quick!! It is the Vodafone Speedfest dammit! 


  1. Deepak, Please note as you go closer to the speed of light. the time lengthens . . .says Einstein's theory of relativity

    1. Will have the pleasure of enjoying the ride for a longer time!!