Friday, March 15, 2013

Comedy evenings

While walking around Liverpool Street in London came across an intriguing pub called ‘Dirty Dicks’. I immediately googled it and found out that it is an historic pub which takes its name from the dirty warehouse on Leadenhall Street. It was established in 1745!

It is not just a place to drink but it hosts everything from live bands, comedy nights, plays, karaoke parties and all else in between!

This took me back home to Black Dog and its famous Comedy evenings! The Emmy-nominated Hollywood comedian Rob Schneider has been on a five-city tour in India as part of the third season of Black Dog Comedy Evenings. Schneider is the star of the Deuce Bigalow movies and an Adam Sandler collaborator. The 48-year-old made his Indian debut in Pune on Wednesday at the Black Dog Comedy Evenings Season and travelled to other cities. The shows were hosted by scotch brand Black Dog.

Check out the complete set of pictures of the evening here

These Black Dog Comedy evenings are becoming a very welcome event to destress these days in urban India. An evening where one can come and laugh at the world and at oneself!

Perfect way to Live in Style


Drink responsibly.