Wednesday, March 13, 2013

London Underground

The London Underground is amazing! It is tuned to the convenience of the user. Have never seen a more user friendly transport system than this.

The platforms are clean and so are the train compartments. There are counters at the stations to assist  the passengers in case of any difficulty faced. There are also these guys stationed at various places to assist you just in case you find yourself at a loss at reading the maps which are so conveniently placed all over the place.

As a tourist you have an option of either pay as you go or buying a weekly pass so depending on the amount of travel you intend to do, you can opt accordingly.

Paper Maps of the underground are placed at strategic areas from where you can pick up for your planning or just look up at the maps that are placed on the station walls. You just cannot go wrong unless you deliberately choose to. You might have to change trains twice to reach your destination, and you will without any hiccups. As a valued passenger you will be constantly updated on any delays and advised on alternate arrangements by the authorities.

We have been travelling for the past 3 days on the London Underground and it has not ceased to fascinate me with its operations!

It brings to mind the Black Dog – a scotch that never ceases to satisfy! Black Dog is very user friendly and is

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Black Dog helps you Live in Style like the London Underground!


Drink responsibly.


  1. hey i have added you on google followers, add my site too......... thanks

  2. Great...the coaches look so neat and tidy! Thanks for sharing...:)

  3. Delhi Metro also is as good as what you describe. Always happy to have good Public Transport.

  4. You brought the memories back. Had visited London ages back and was fascinated by the underground railway system

  5. Nice shots and description... Guess they've made lot of improvement to the interiors than it used to be couple of years back...