Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Peri Peri

Now that am on food pairing with Black Dog let me initiate the fabulous Portugese snack or meal from the famous Nando’s. Picked up a Double Chicken Breast in Pitta along with their delectable Peri Peri sauce with Garlic bread.

Poured myself a glass of the finest scotch the Black Dog Reserve on ice. The complex yet delicate 

aroma of sherry and vanillic sweetness with whispers of soft peatiness in the background was heady and I sipped it to a luxurious and exciting taste.

Then I bit into the Pitta. Yummy. The Peri peri sauce and the tender chicken with the salad played around with the after taste of the Black Dog without smothering its fine lingering taste.

Both, the Black Dog Reserve and the Pitta seemed to be made for each other as they lived and let live in the same space!

Way to Live in Style.


Drink responsibly.


  1. oh this post reminded me of the days while i was in johanneburg and every 2nd day was spent munching in nando's .. i just love their peri peri sauce..!!