Friday, March 22, 2013

Tradition and modernity

Last evening when I sat with my cherished glass of cheer - the Black Dog,the harmony of delight orchestrated by a multitude of seductive aromas immediately transported me to the old world of 

charm and leisure.  At the same time, here I was sitting in a modern environment with all the creature comforts! How beautifully the two coexisted!

Just like the London Tower Bridge and the Southwark bridge, both which, side by side, bridge the two

banks of the ubiquitous river Thames in London. One can stand there on another bridge and keep watching these man made marvels and admire the creative forms of output of mankind then and now. It is just amazing! The Tower bridge till date opens up for big boats to pass which otherwise would not be able to go under the bridge with its spans down. What I find amazing is that all the mechanism is still maintained and not replaced with modern technology.

Just like my favorite Black Dog, the finest scotch from Scotland, which was perfected over a hundred

and thirty years ago and is still blended the same way and continues to give the same balanced, long and intense pleasure!

It defines Living in Style!


Drink responsibly.