Saturday, August 12, 2017

While in Kathmandu..

Scout My Trip and OyoRooms took us (8 bloggers) along on a road trip to Kathmandu where we spent a memorable 3 days.
We were obviously lodged in Oyo Rooms property in Kathmandu which was very comfortable and it was their staff that planned out an itinerary for us to get the best of our time there.

Pashupatinath temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is located on the banks of Bagmati river and is one of the holiest temples in Nepal.

Patan, now known as Lalitpur, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and so is Bhaktapur.

Swayambhunath is one of the holiest chaityas in Nepal.

Budhanilkantha Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

I have compiled a short video of the places we visited in Kathmandu. Do check it out and leave your comments, good and bad!


  1. Hari OM
    Only good can be said for the scenes here Deepak!!! What an excellent opportunity, well-taken... YAM xx

  2. Good stuff indeed, It sure looks like a great place to visit. Warm greetings!

  3. Loved the post and thanks for the video.

  4. Beautiful architecture of the Patan Palace!

  5. The video gives beautiful glimpses of Nepal. Thank you

  6. Kathmandu is one of those places, where you get different vibes. I been twice before earth quake and it's nice to see that it's still beautiful.