Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Book review of 'The Sunlight Plane' by Damini Kane

The Sunlight PlaneThe Sunlight Plane by Damini Kane
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An excellent read. A well told story of the friendship of a couple of pre teens, based on the principle of 'The Sunlight plane' (solar powered plane). Just like how the aircraft completes a flight around the globe powered by solar energy, these 2 protagonists, Akash and Tharush power their pre teen turbulent world with energy drawn from each other.
The narration is simple as it should be but very insightful and despite there being no mystery involved, the author manages to hold your attention right through the book. The characterisation and the events are perfect with no added fat, slim and trim to keep you hooked.
It delves into the minds of the pre teen youngsters, their fears, their world views, the turbulence they face as they try to balance their lives as per their wants and as per their parents' wants.
It also gives an insight into how important parenting is and a reminder that the judgments of adults differs from that of growing children.
Overall a story well narrated. Flawless editing makes it a pleasure to read.
Looking forward to read more from Damini Kane.

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  1. Hari OM
    Having clicked thru to Goodreads and seen pretty much everyone has the same view of this book I thought to look it up... sadly, it appears not to be available in the UK. What a shame. YAM xx

    1. She says she can send it to you personally. Send her a request on Goodreads.