Sunday, October 4, 2009

The red dot

The red dot on a woman’s forehead is a display of marital bliss. The violence with which it is erased on the death of her husband reinforces this belief.
Sumedha smiled at the thought of how the red dot was like a beacon of hope to all those lecherous old men who thought nothing of hugging her lustily in the garb of fatherly love. This was particularly evident when Suraj was away on a business trip.
There was no way she could complain about it as there was nothing in their action of hugging that seemed inappropriate. Only the person being hugged would know. She tried resisting a couple of times but was misunderstood as being disrespectful! To maintain a harmonious ambiance in the family she gave in.
She blogged and vent her frustration against all of them, thanks to the anonymity the blogging world offered. And thus maintained her sanity to live and carry on the fight to another level someday.


  1. Good to see you're writing regularly and consistently again. You are a marvelously talented writer whether it be prose or poetry.


  2. Oh my dear. What you've written holds such truth. We women must pay attention to what we are feeling. Chances are, if a woman feels something is happening, it most likely is.

  3. Wow..unreal! Blogging is a release huh!

  4. Having worked as a forensic nurse for 21 years in the field of adult and child sexual abuse, I am well aware of the victimization and plight of many. Thank you for speaking up on behalf of this lady. I am glad that she has some relief through her blogging but I do know that India is now forming agencies, with counseling, for all types of abuse, I am just not sure where.