Monday, October 5, 2009


Corporate Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid has announced that CEOs should not be paid ‘vulgar’ salaries. This from a minister of a party which has announced spending Rs.350/- crores on building a statue in the Arabian sea off the Mumbai coast!
And this at a time when the state is reeling under severe drought conditions and farmers are committing suicide. There is a severe power shortage and is in dire need of power generation and distribution in the financial capital of the country – Mumbai which also happens to be the capital of Maharashtra.
Why are we or our politicians so obsessed with doing something for the dead at the expense of the living?!
What is vulgar? – The CEO’s salary or the money being spent on monuments for the dead and gone?


  1. You are a very clear thinker. Wow. Your words give pause to think.

  2. loved ur take.. !!

    sorry I m late... !!

  3. Government, both yours and mine in the U. S., is very wasteful at this time of recession. Money could be much better spent on necessities of life.