Friday, May 7, 2010

Have Mercy

Kasab has been declared guilty and sentenced to be hanged to death. But the great nation that ours is, we will not let him go so easily. No way. We are a ‘democratic’ country and we have to prove our credentials to all and sundry – even if they are our nation’s avowed enemies and are waiting to destroy us. We shall let Kasab appeal to the High Court and then if he is still deemed guilty, he will be forced to appeal to the Supreme Court. And then, even if the Supreme Court finds him guilty, he will be under threat of hanging till he dies, be directed to appeal and file a mercy petition to the President of our country. Now, our President is too busy to deal with such trivial matters, you see, to deal with criminals and their death sentences and does not have the time to decide either way. This has resulted in 50 criminals waiting in death row who have filed their mercy petitions. Kasab will be 51st. So it sure will be a long time before Kasab can get to his promised virgins. And maybe he will be crying ‘Have mercy and hang me please’!

After all, ours is a big ‘democracy’ where the Government is ‘of the people, by the people and for the people’ yet, even if it is the will of the people to see Kasab hanged the Government will not do so. It is a democracy you see and everyone has the right to be heard. Strange but true.

Have mercy!


  1. Yeah its such a shame! Loved the use of 'democracy' in the post!

  2. You are abs right. Kasab will probably reach retirement age before he is hanged. Probably will die of natural causes. The govt. should show some backbone and just fast track his hanging. The earlier he is sent to meet the promised virgins the better.