Friday, May 21, 2010

To serve or be served..

Our members of Parliament want their salaries to be increased to Rs.80,000/- pm. It is their contention that their present salaries are inadequate for a decent living and are miserable compared to the private sector. In any other organisation these grievances would be put to the management who would then take necessary steps to resolve them. However, in this case these Parliamentarians would introduce the bill in the Parliament and if it is passed by a majority, it would be effected!
It is not as if they were not aware of their salaries when they ‘asked’ to be elected to the job. They came begging for it. If they do not like the salary, they are free to quit as there are plenty more who would be willing to come forward to fill in those vacancies. It should be considered an honour to be elected as a Member of Parliament to serve the country and its people. The allowances and other perks that a Member of Parliament gets is more than enough to ensure that he can fulfil his duties honourably.
So will all the Members of Parliament who are not satisfied with their present salaries please put in their papers and let others who are more than willing to step in? We do not want disgruntled MPs as they would not be committed to their job at hand and would be always putting their own interests ahead and not those of the country.
Are they there to serve or to be served?

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  1. This is the only job where your salary keep on increasing without asking, agitating, striking and above all you need not attend parliament or you can keep quite ALWAYS!