Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Differently wired - 1

Sunlight peeping in
Lights up the darkest corners
Time to live again
Peering through tightly closed eyelids, I try to boost my morale and face another gruelling day ahead. I can think of countless reasons to get back to bed and in the safe cocoon of my dreams and not many to help me arise. The battle has begun. While the thoughts fight it out let me take a short nap. But hey, what about the dream? Ironically I have to wake up to fulfil the dream.
All the morning chores were done routinely and am now waiting for the bus to get me to my work station. Stopped driving a year back when I realised that dreaming and driving don’t mix.
The bus arrives with the same old faces to pick up another. I get in and amble to my regular seat which is between the driver and the window. I prefer this seat because I can see ahead and feel the scene rush past on the side. After a while this activity puts my mind into a hypnotic trance that is broken on the arrival of my destination. The music plays in my head, not from any external source.


  1. Multi-talented you are, Deepak - a splendid photographer and a superb
    writer. Can you cook?

  2. thank you so much for your kind words carmen..
    i attempt to cook up stories :)