Thursday, July 1, 2010

Differently wired - 2

The lyrics unheard
Set to a tune that sings well
Acoustic heaven
Have never been comfortable with Walkmans or Ipods, actually anything that would require me to use those earphones. None of them ever fit my ears and when I did attempt to use them, they kept dropping out hence carried all music that I liked and wished to hear, in my mind where navigation through different albums and songs was extremely user friendly. It also saved me the trouble of recording and deleting as all functions were on ‘auto’ controlled by the subconscious.
Right now, right here, it is Hariprasad blowing gently through his bansuri to reach the nooks and crannies of the mind. The soothing flow of the notes lulls the mind into visuals of vast farmland where the land meets the sky in harmony. And the sunrise colours the sky in pastel shades of pink, blue and orange.
Once the music stops the voices in the mind begin the forever debates to set out the agenda for the day as a continuum from yesterday to tomorrow.
I get off the bus and as I move on towards my work station, greet all and sundry with a smile playing on my lips and raising my hand or nodding my head in no particular order or frequency. Have realised that nobody actually cares for what you mutter as long as the gesture is complete. Is that the reason why people say ‘It is the gesture that matters.’?

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  1. What choice of words. You are getting to be good at descrptive writing too. I was enjoying the flute and HariPrasad Chaurasia's renditions too as you described it..Wow! I love the way you pass so many messages from such a short piece..