Friday, June 11, 2010

Mumbai monsoons

The monsoons seem to have finally arrived in Mumbai. After the torrid summer heat the intial reaction is relief as the mercury drops and there is a general feel good ambiance all around. But like everything else this too is transient and the moods start going in various directions.
The lovers love to snuggle up to each other under one umbrella, holding onto each other tightly and walk along the seaface with waves crashing on the parapet.
The children love to get wet in the rains despite the danger of falling ill and being reprimanded by their parents.
The taxi and auto drivers are happy too and look forward to some heavy rains which would disrupt all rail traffic so that they can make hay while the sun hides!
The motorists and motorcyclists are on guard to ensure they don’t skid on the now slick roads. The first rains always cause a few to crash and bang due to the fine skidding mixture formed by the dust and water on the roads. Once that is washed away by subsequent rains, the dust in the air also is reduced by the heavy moisture and driving and riding becomes fun again with the cool air blowing across ones face.
Manoeuvring in the crowds with an umbrella is an art one has to develop in Mumbai. The umbrella has many uses in Mumbai. It can be used in self defence from gropers and pickpockets and also as a shield to protect oneself from dirty water being splashed by passing vehicles apart from the heaven sent rain water.
Corn on the cob is found being roasted and sold like, well, hot roasted corn cobs at almost every corner. And then there is also the ubiquitous chaat wala where the hot ragda patties on a wet evening are a must.
The time is also right to sit at the window with your companion and watch the rain and listen to the mesmerising pitter patter endlessly while munching on hot kanda bhajjis (onion pakodas) and sipping hot chai.
All Mumbaikars are happy that the rains are here and fervently pray that it will rain enough to fill up the lakes that supply water to this wonderful meglapolis.
Once the rains have poured their hearts out for a fortnight the mood swings and how!
Will post about that when it happens!
Till then Happy Wet Days!!


  1. I guess, when they first begin, the rains are quite welcome...but, if flooding starts, they become more than a nuisance! I love rain myself...but we don't have monsoons!

  2. Aaahaa Hot roasted corn cobs, massala chai are also my favs, when its all pitter patter ouside!
    Such a refreshing post..Super Likes!

  3. Pakodas, tea with sugar and garam jalebi .... and the rain. Such fun!

  4. Wow :) Mumbai monsoons have so many memories for me! Loved the expression "make hay while the sun hides" :)

  5. The rains bring out the writer, the poet, the foodie in us.

    Why hasn't the photographer posted a rainy pic?