Thursday, June 10, 2010

Man vs Tiger

He sat staring at the wall. The painting on that wall was intriguing. It claimed to be of the last tiger alive. The more he stared at it the more it seemed as if it was wanting to speak to him. Eerie.
Jappo closed his eyes thinking the tiger’s eyes would not be able to connect. But then he actually saw the tiger smile at him.
‘Hi! What scares you now? You have eliminated our species and till ten days back i was the last one alive and thanks to your stupid ways i have gone too!’
‘Hi. First of all i can’t believe that am conversing with a dead tiger. And even if you are, why me? How am i responsible for the extinction of your species. Have never been interested in hunting. Matter of fact have always been scared of the wild jungles hence never even ventured anywhere near them.’
‘It is your indifference that has led to this situation. Maybe if you and many others like you had raised your hand in support of tiger conservation, i would have been roaming the jungles and not met such an ignominious end.’
‘But your survival was not important for me. I had so many other important things in life that deserved and demanded my attention. Why would i have bothered about your survival? And is it not the law of nature that the fittest would survive?’
The tiger replied with a smile and a twinkle in his eye, ‘Obviously you are so steeped in yourself that you cannot see beyond your nose. Do you realise that if you continue to behave the way you do, soon all other living creatures would die off and so would the jungles? Would that make you happy? Maybe it will not happen in your lifetime but is it a legacy that you leave behind for your children and generations to come, something you would be proud of?’
‘Oh come on. Once the jungles are cleared of all wild animals and those trees, at least my children would not have to struggle to find a house to live in! They would thank me for what i have done!’
The tiger just rolls his eyes in disgust and throws his hands up in the air in despair.
‘My dear friend, the day the jungle dies, you can consider it as the death knell for mankind. You would have destroyed the very element that is responsible for your survival. If you cannot take care of your environment, don’t expect to survive in a depleted or dead environment. Think about it. It is for your own survival. Forget me. I am dead and gone. Now if you want to survive please go out there and take care your fragile environment before all is lost.’
The tiger disappeared and he dreamt of a concrete jungle where man fought man for survival.
He woke with a start and the first thing he did was call up the World Wildlife Fund for membership.

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  1. Pretty stimulating post with a neat sense of imagination, dear Mr. Amembal!

    I pray for all who have not lost their senses yet to wake up like the protagonist did and ACT, NOW...! Hope, a few are listening...

    Appreciate your passionate effort towards the burning cause. Keep it on... Cheers! :-)