Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The North East imbroglio

The NE (North East) states of India are NE (Non Existent) states for the central government and the powerful national media.
The activists of the National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN) have been blocking the highway (lifeline) leading into Manipur for almost two months now. This has led to a shortage of all essential supplies in Manipur. Strangely none of the big media houses have bothered to report this tragic state of affairs. Nor has the Central Government found it serious enough to resolve it.
The Naga students launched the economic blockade after the Manipur government objected to a planned visit by NSCN leader T. Muivah to his ancestral village in Manipur.
If a solution to the impasse is not found soon, the crisis will blow up into a North East versus India confrontation. It could lead to these states asking for separation from India as desired by China. But our politicians are busy guarding their chairs and cushioning their nests. It won’t be long before the Kashmir situation is replicated in the North East with China replacing Pakistan as the occupier. Wonder what would wake up our so called evangelist anchors of our prime time news channels to focus on this serious issue. Is this not the time to help these states feel a part of mainstream India?
This could be the last wake up call before we lose them forever.

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  1. You're being a pessimist. Firstly, the national media has covered the blockade, though not enough. Secondly, the NE States are not non existent for the people of India, the NE states are as much a part of India as any other state. And China would not imagine occupying the NE, the International repercussions would be too great. And lastly, I agree that the blockade is illegal and must end. Full solidarity to the people of Manipur.