Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ongoing Culture conflict - 2

This was Namdeo’s first foray into his city of dreams. It was here that he would fulfil his ambition of becoming a famous writer. He had read in the newspapers and other articles in magazines about the opportunities that sprouted at every corner for those who wanted to make it big. He was very popular in and around his village, for his writings which had been converted into plays and staged at various festivals over there. It was during one of these shows that he was approached by some important bigwig from the city and asked whether he would like his stories converted to movies. Namdeo had initially thought that he was being made fun of but agreed. And then he had totally forgotten about it as there was no mention about it for the next two years. Namdeo had continued his banal existence in the gently moving life of his village. His story factory continued churning out social dramas that would be the talk of the town every Tuesday as that was the day when all villagers would meet in the marketplace to barter or trade their wares with those from the neighbouring big towns and cities.


  1. I was looking for the 'Read more' tab when I was reading the first part..Then I realised Namdeo's story continues here..the story telling is simple yet interesting..waiting to read more..:D

  2. i like to keep it smple...
    simple story of simple people :)
    glad got you interested in it!
    thank you