Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ongoing culture conflict - 3

The sky had darkened and clouds hung heavy. A cool breeze blew in through the windows and seemed to lighten up the mood in the room. The temperature must have dropped just a degree but the tensions eased manifold. Namdeo was fascinated to see the instant changes in the weather and in the attitude of the people around. They seemed human now, breathing easy, different from the robotic and frantic motions a while earlier. Mumbai sure seemed a magical place!
Back in his village he had never ever seen the sky darken in an instant nor had seen it effect mercurial changes in the moods of the people. All changes were laidback in Kamothe. Preparations for the monsoons were made well in advance and it would be a time to look forward to. One could see the sky for miles around and note the possibility of rainfall well before it actually poured. The aroma of the fresh wet soil raised a lot of hope for good crops.


  1. Deepak, this was really vivid - I swear I got the geeli mitti ki khusboo. Wow

  2. This was a good read, not fiction, I suspect, but the reality of life in India.

  3. I read all the three parts, Deepak and enjoyed them thoroughly :). Excellent weaving of words!

  4. The sky darkening, the promise of rain. I can sit by the window and never get tired of watching the rain.

    Very interesting post Deepak