Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ongoing culture conflict - 6

Almost the whole village was out at the Kamothe S.T.(State Transport) bus stop on Friday morning to bid Namdeo, their very own star, a fond farewell. He had tried to explain to them that nothing had been finalised as yet and there was still a long way to go but they would have none of it.
The bus journey took just about three hours, the best part of which Namdeo had spent hoping that Yakub would be there at Dadar to receive him and escort him to the ‘Laxmi Lodge’, where his room was booked for his momentous weekend in Mumbai. When he got off at Dadar, he felt lost in the crowd that was moving at a frantic pace. He just walked to the ‘chai’ stall nearby and waited to gather his thoughts and felt it would be a good place to wait for Yakub.

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