Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ongoing culture conflict - 5

In Kamothe, romance was never discussed nor was there any need for a public display of affection. Hence, whenever Namdeo wrote about romantic escapades, the locals treated it like comedy. Surprisingly for him it was one of these romantic, mushy episodes that he had penned, which had got the attention of one of the biggies from Mumbai.
He was cycling to the village market when the postman waved him to a stop frantically waving a big brown envelope. The market almost came to a standstill while Namdeo got off his cycle leisurely and signed for the envelope. Registered mail was received by people in this village only when there was something really important, so there was an air of expectancy all around. Even Namdeo seemed worried while he gently tore open the envelope and extracted a fancy looking letter. It was from one of the famous Marathi language film producers in Mumbai. Namdeo knew the contents before reading it but was surprised as he had not been expecting it.
‘Yes. It is an invitation to Mumbai for a meeting with Mr. Kamble to discuss the adaptation of one of my romantic stories for a Marathi film. He wants me to reach Mumbai by next weekend for the meeting.’
There was a roar of approval from all those sitting in the ‘Bombay Hotel’ a tiny restaurant on the only paved road of Kamothe. Before he knew it he was lifted and carried on the shoulders by his friends. As far as they were concerned, he had arrived. But for Namdeo, it was the beginning.

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