Sunday, July 11, 2010

Convoluted thinking

Razing 400 acres of forest/mangroves to accomodate an airport is no big deal but shifting of a Shivaji statue to accomodate the expansion of an existing airport is. This reflects the warped thinking of our governing leaders. The rot has set in so deep that saving the environment is considered obsessive and the repositioning of a statue considered the sensitivity of the politicians towards the sentiment of the common man!
Then there is the concern of the education ministry for the school children. it is their contention that the children get traumatised by failure in school hence they should not be subjected to repeating the class if they fail. They should continue their progression. They should not be subject to harsh competition and so there will not be any ranking either. On the other hand we have children competing in dance and music shows where they face elimination in front of a countrywide television audience. Why are these shows allowed? The traumas experienced by these children have even led to some of them commiting suicide! Are these children any different from those facing failure traumas in school? Why are the different ministries not acting in tandem?
When will we get our priorities right?


  1. I don't think we will ever get our priorities right.There are different sets of rules for similar situations and we are always going to be at the mercy of our politicians.

  2. bechare mangroves vote nahin de sakte-
    par ek din to bina hawa -pani ke hum sab bhi nahin jee payeenge-plane se ud kar bhi kahan bhaagenge.

  3. You are absolutely right. Such convoluted thinking! Really wonder when 'The System' is going to wake up and get about doing what is most neccessary. Prioritise!
    Wish more responsible and aware youth could take over and bring about a radical change.