Monday, July 12, 2010

Running scared

The Chief Minister of Maharashtra has decided to ignore the judgement passed by the Supreme Court and announced that the ban on the book on Shivaji by James Laine will stay. This from a politician who is part of the breed who always hide behind the statement ‘let law take its own course’ to protect their own skins. Now to save his seat of power, he has decided to ignore the apex court by saying that the law and order in the state is more important. By doing this he has sent out two clear messages. One is that he does not have control on the law and order situation in the State and second, it is okay to ignore judgements passed by the apex court of the country.
It is so unfortunate that we have such spineless leaders at the helm. In the fight for power the ideals of our constitution are relegated by showing fear at the threat of lawlessness by the regional party satraps. He has suddenly joined those very forces that he has been fighting all this time. This will now set a precedent for the benefit of the mischief mongers to assert their unsavoury presence.
Strange bedfellows they make at the expense of the wisdom shown by our judiciary.

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