Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Animal Farm

There is this report in rediff.com that I read today that amused me.
“Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee is likely to call a meeting of a dozen top industrialists soon to underline to them that an "ostentatious lifestyle" by CEOs does not reflect well especially when 37.2 per cent of the Indian population is still below the poverty line.”
Does this not apply to our MLAs and MPs? Or for that matter our Prime Minister and President? Whenever these worthies travel the traffic is brought to a halt to let their entourage pass by unhindered. Also the amount of money spent on their security borders on the obscene. Are they not responsible for their actions? Should they as leaders not lead by example? Why, if they are elected by a popular mandate, fear the public and not travel by public transport?
What about the decision by the Ministers to raise their own salaries? Is it not vulgar given the fact that 37.2% of the population for whose welfare they are in power, are below the poverty line? Some people indeed are more equal than others in a democracy.
Mr.Mukherjee would do well to remember that people living in glass houses should not be throwing stones and set his own house in order before making lofty statements.

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