Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dry days

The rains have taken a break and the sun is out playing hide and seek with some dark clouds that are trying to gather forces for a downpour. For the homeless it is the time to dry their meagre possessions and for the birds and stray animals it is time to sun themselves and dry their paws and feathers. The conservancy workers use this time to clean the gutters of the muck gathered, a job that should have been completed before the onset of the monsoons. But nobody is complaining. The job is being done albeit late. The potholes on the roads which had threatened to become trenches are being filled, patchwork that will last till the next session of heavy rains.
Demolition squads are on the job demolishing slums, an activity taken up in the monsoon so that the very same media which was complaining about encroachment will now portray the cruelty of the state and the ‘do good’ human rights activists will come out of the woodwork for their two minutes of fame. Politicians of all hues will be out giving their opinions on the malaise that affects our city due to unbridled migration from other states.
Slumlords will take this opportunity to provide more housing to the homeless at affordable prices.
And the cycle will continue unhindered as the rich become richer and the poor become poorer.

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  1. Its a vicious cycle and will remain until we get social service in place.