Saturday, July 3, 2010

Differently wired - 4

An overcast sky
Carries a promise of rain
And the birds head home
For the ride home I had The Beatles playing for me in my head. The sky was overcast and threatening to pour down to flood the streets. But all that it managed was a minor drizzle. All threat and no rain. Reminded me of all those famous people embroiled and exposed for some scam or the other who threatened that they would expose the real culprits but never did. Must be some sort of a face saving device used by all these scamsters.
The sun had set and the stage set for a vibrant night life in the city. Not for me though. My nightlife was sitting at home, trawling through various news sites and gathering information to blog about garnished with my strong opinion. I loved it when my blogged opinion drew sharp criticism and invited long debates. It was my endeavour to build a strong lobby for positive meaningful action through debate against all that I did not like. When I started out, I was told by a lot of people that there was nothing that I could do to change around me. But I was motivated by the famous saying ‘Be the change you want to see’. I modified it a bit by going online and asking fellow bloggers to join me in Being the change we want to see. The response was phenomenal. Within a few days of regular blogging, my blog managed a decent following and soon it became a habit with all participants in the ensuing discussions to identify problem areas and find solutions. Non violent vigilantism.

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