Sunday, July 4, 2010

Diiferently wirred - 5

Mobs on a rampage
Destroy the cause they fight for
When will people learn?
The latest is this call for shutting down the country for a day (6am to 6pm), given by the opposition parties, against the soaring inflation due to failed policies of the Government and another fuel price hike that would further boost the rising cost of living and increase the number of people below the poverty line. How shutting down the country for twelve hours help the cause? Nobody cared to answer. The only interesting fallout of the exercise was the coming together of all parties of various hues on a common platform. This protest was an obvious case of political posturing and not a solution to the problem.
Mobs will be formed and mindless violence be indulged in, resulting in destruction of private and public property. Antisocial elements will make merry while the law enforcing machinery of the state will be stretched. The daily wage labourer will have to go hungry for yet another day.
The electronic media will be extremely busy raising their TRPs by vying to be more gruesome than the other and encouraging the destruction that can be filmed and shown over and over again.
The politicians will make their appearance in the street only to be arrested and released so they can go home feeling good about their ‘contribution’ to the ‘well being’ of the people whom they represent.
This is one of the ways by which the great institution of democracy is abused and degraded.


  1. Your skills ar discussing current affairs are claerly showing..Gr8 analysis...atleast theres one thinking mind whose not 'indifferently' wired.;)

  2. The satanical people will be waiting for such occasion and they derive pleasure in looting and destroying public property forgetting that ultimately it is they who will be at loss!