Monday, July 5, 2010

Differrently wired - 6

The country shut down
By battered politicians
Common man suffers
The arrogance of the party in power is responsible for this state of affairs. It does not wish to debate the state of affairs in the Parliament with the opposition. They are convinced that they are right and not willing to listen to any other point of view. In a democracy this amounts to inviting the opposition to take to the streets to prove their point. The ruling party in its arrogance believes that when the opposition parties do that they will invite the wrath of the common man. In effect both of them succeed in doing precisely that. All that the common man does is then fret and fume and wait for the next elections. But then as the politicians very well know, the public memory is short lived and they continue with their shenanigans.
The have-nots will be back to their fight for survival and the haves busy lobbying for furthering their interests.
The politicians will pimp, preen and plumb the depths for satiating their insatiable greed for power and wealth.
The bloggers will blog and all the players in the drama will get their day’s fame and our country will move on regardless!
Incredible India indeed!

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  1. Unfortunately the bandh is not an answer either