Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Differently wired - 7 (Being invisible)

When dreams come alive
The heart soars and the mind sleeps
Nothing ever lasts

Peering at the screen trying to figure what to write had my eyes tired and drooping, waiting to shut for the day. The mind also had become sluggish. No new ideas were being conceived. Everything was just blank. The mind and the Word document on the screen.
Shut down effected and I plopped down for some beauty sleep.
There was a burst of white light and a genie appeared with a tiny flashdrive that glowed intermittently.
‘This is for you. A gadget which will make you invisible whenever you wish to by just pressing this button. Press it again to be visible.’
‘Thank you but may I ask, why me?’
‘Your name was selected by the ‘Random Selector’ in the Genie Kingdom and you shall have it for twelve hours unconditionally. Of course, this gadget will not let you harm anybody. So go, do what your heart says and let your mind rest.’ Poof. He was gone and the flashdrive was in my hand.
I stood in front of the mirror to check the veracity of the gadget. And sure enough after pressing the small green button I could not see my reflection! To appear, all that I had to do press the small red button! Wow! I needed to check just one more thing. Whether my camera which I would need also be invisible if I carried it. And yes, anything that I carried would be invisible. Now I could go to the zoo and enter the lion’s cage and photograph him to my heart’s content. And if I had the time, do the same with many other wild animals out there.
So without any further ado I picked up my camera and set out for the zoo. And to my luck it was feeding time so I managed to get some real great shots of lions and tigers feeding. Got some lovely close-ups as well. This was literally a dream coming true for me.
Next was the concert by Hariprasad Chaurasiya, my favourite flautist who was scheduled to perform at the Shanmukhananda Hall in the evening. I could now go and sit on the stage with him and revel in the musical extravaganza and I did just that. But then suddenly I found that the musicians had suddenly started looking at me strangely. Was wondering why when the security was called in and I was booted out of the stage and hall. Some of them were even trying to beat me up.
Again the burst of light and no the genie did not appear. It was my wife waking me up.

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  1. Wonderful, Deepak....it was all just a dream, then?

  2. :( but i enjoyed it nevertheless :)


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