Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Differently wired - 8

There seems to be no sense of accountability in Indian politics. Let us just take the recent cases of our Civil Aviation Minister and Food and Supplies Minister. When they were elected to power and were given these portfolios, the food prices were not beyond reach of the common man as they are today, nor were the national airlines in as poor a shape as they are today. By leading their respective subjects to doom due to irresponsible actions and policies, now they want a change of portfolio! They want to move out to greener pastures for obvious reasons. Though our Prime Minister has refused to do so for the time being, it won’t be long before these guys get their way. It is so unfortunate that they get away with murder and daylight robbery as they have mastered the art of fooling all the people all the time.
If anybody dares point a finger at them, they just turn around and say, ‘We have been elected’ and continue the loot and pillage. Just before the elections, they will give some sops to the electorate, and the public memory being what it is, will get back to power. The majority of our population live from meal to meal and they will be forever grateful to anyone who will provide them meals for a week.
This is democracy manipulated to suit the fancies of the rich and powerful.
Sad but true.


  1. It's very true but there's absolutely no solution . Our politicians are not deprived of food .They get more than what they need or want. You have to put yourself in the common man's shoes to know what difficulties he goes through to put food on the table.

  2. Sharad and Prafful..what else did you expect!!!

  3. Accountability is important. There should be a channel on TV like in the UK which covers all proceedings in Parliament and its various committees.