Thursday, July 8, 2010

Differently wired - 9 (Concluded)

Life turns full circle
As I get back to square one
And start life anew.
Back to the daily routine and rigmarole of going to work now. Sometimes I do not even recollect how I reached my work place. Just some faded memory waiting to die. Is it not strange that when you try hard to remember something you forget easily and when you try real hard to forget something, you remember it all so clearly. Wonder why.
Sleep overcomes thoughts and I sleep all the way. No dreams. Sheer bliss. Wake up fresh to yet another work day and am happy for the job I have.
Life can get set by rote and it does help to bring some sort of method in the madness. But when you are differently wired its all haywire to the normal network yet normal to the one concerned. I refuse to take the elevator up not for any fitness concerns but because I hate to wait. I prefer not to eat in the canteen not because of the food quality but because I hate the way it is presented and served. I quit smoking not because of my health concerns but because I could not smoke when and where I wanted to due to restrictions imposed on me for the preservation of someone else’s health and comfort.
How much can I change my life to suit the lifestyle as dictated by the ‘society’? To maintain a semblance of individuality in the parameters imposed is a daily challenge for the differently wired.


  1. oh my... i read the 1st three then missed so many, seeing this, I realise!!!

    Shall get back to catching up and getting back to all there after, soon as time allows!

  2. I agree with you completely. I have so many quirks myself that I have always considered myself differently wired too. Hhehe..And it is a bit difficult to do thngs the way ud like it always. Isn't it? This was a very candid series from you and yet it touched on topics that I could relate to very easily.
    good job!