Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Demand

HP wants us to dream about the snazziest gadget we would like to have.
What I want is ideally an one-in-all contraption. A foldable monitor that is about an inch thick and has an inbuilt CPU, printer, scanner and speakers. The hard disk should have infinite memory.
It should be a no hassle machine and if any snag develops, it should go into a self repair mode and repair itself. Of course if any parts need to be sourced it should send the requisition to the source concerned and the part should be couriered instantly and replaced within an hour at the most. It should be capable of working at lightning speeds to download/upload and have an inbuilt camera of 12mp. It should be able to print out hi-res pictures instantly if need be.
Once I get this contraption I shall work on further inputs needed to fine tune it.


  1. you are a clear winner in this category :D

  2. Quick get your lamp and now start rubbing it really hard! LOL

    I loved the self healing feature.

  3. If wishes were horses...I wud love to have one of those!

  4. Hmmm.. I want a gadget which reads my mind and does whatever I want without me even doing something about it :)

  5. hehe. they said make the idea as crazy as possible. so whats wrong with that? But something like this is surely possible. maybe 10 years down the line! :)