Friday, September 3, 2010

Time to evolve

Floods and droughts are the order of the day
while Death by Disease haunts mankind
Greed for power ignites hatred
invoking the spirit of God
who is now an innocent bystander.
The time has come
For the emergence of a new ism
As Man flounders in freedom
Unable to live and let live.
Cynicism rules.

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  1. Powerful. But, I don't know, the idea of a new "ism" scares me a little. So many of the old ones are downright nasty.

  2. MagicEye...
    Very well put My Friend.
    Try and be a little more hopeful OK?
    Excellent 55.
    Thanks for playing, thanks for visiting, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  3. True, we live in despair and have a cynical mind set.

  4. It isn't all bad...very descriptive 55 though. Mine is up too.

  5. and what an annoying age that will be...better days are on their way...nice 55...

    my 55

  6. great 55 - looks like it's not getting better with our world...

    my 55 is here

  7. a dark 55 indeed, maybe we all need a prayer.

  8. I'm all for 'People-ism' where everybody respects each other and helps one another in times of need.

    Woefully profound 55!

  9. There is a time for all things...Here's my Friday 55. Hope your week goes well

  10. A thoughtful 55. I'm with Eric - I like the People-ism idea a lot.

  11. Hmm...a new ism. A bit frightening, but we certainly can't go on for long the way it is now. A thoughtful 55. Mine is here.

  12. Darkness is hard to overcome. You captured that feeling of futility in your 55. Great job.

  13. How about FUN-ism. I feel more and more of that these days, I think the world is leaning more and more that way, instead of darker. It's a choice!

  14. "Flounder in freedom" is an incredibly powerful image. Well done.