Friday, October 8, 2010

October in Mumbai

The monsoons have bid goodbye
Leaving the skies open
for a month of torrid heat.
The temperatures and tempers
will soar
and energy levels will dip.
A slew of festivals will
weigh heavy on our wallets
making the lot of bankers
healthy and wealthy.
A good time to test
our patience, budget and
Resistance to temptation!

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  1. Magiceye...
    Very descriptive My Friend.
    I feel the Heat!
    Excellent 55
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  2. Difficult to resist temptation!

  3. I bet the heat is rising.

    Stay cool

    will send a bit of cool air over your way

    Thanks for the 55

    Moon Smiles

  4. Very nice!!! Will check out the link on showcasing my 55-er here too ;-) Thansk for that!!

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  5. starting to really cool here...festivals sound fun though...nice 55.

  6. And here the weather is getting frosty...and soon people will spend more time indoors...and our energy will sag because of the shorter daylight got me thinking with this 55! Hot or cold, the extremes definitely change people's energy levels.

  7. Amazing - torrid heat?????? Certainly not here - dull, dark, foggy & wet! This cheered me up!

    My 55 is up - be it later than normal.

  8. friends of us were in goa in october - and thought it can't get any warmer - but it went....
    great and very descriptive 55!

  9. We get the "heavy on our wallets" here, too!

  10. Mumbai and America have much in common - our festivals have a way of draining our wallets too! Holidays have become just another excuse for people to try to make money.

    Sometimes I wish it was more like in the past, when festivals were about community, harvest, family, comraderie and celebration.

    Interesting 55!

  11. Ahhh, festivals -- money grabs, eh?

    Just LOVED this! Wry and deep all at the same time. I've seen on a documantary about your monsoons, what a hot hot time, then a rainy, rainy time.

    India rocks!


  12. Hey, guess what, Magic Eye!? I just put up a special sidebar button for you! Yes, you are TOPS on my blog today. I hope you like the button, Mumbai looks very very lovely.