Friday, March 11, 2011

Speed kills

‘Speed kills’ is the message for drivers of automobiles.

This message is now relevant to guys living in the fast lane too.

There is hardly any one lingering in the chilled out lane.

Everybody is in a hurry to get the most, fastest.

Is it worth it?

No time to think.

Stairway to heaven beckons.

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  1. Excellent point well made.

    I've got a super-slow lane chill out, right over here!

  2. lifes too short to run too fast you know...

  3. Good point through your 55. And it's amazing how bent out of shape people can get through road rage.

  4. Hmmn, yes. I find myself saying out loud in traffic sometimes "Why are they going so fast?" Just seems no need.

    Heaven can wait. Remember that Meatloaf line?? Heaven better wait a bit, I mean a LOT, longer for me. :)


  5. The laid back lane is the place for the people in the know.

  6. Just make sure it's NOT the Highway to Hell!
    Loved your 55 Magiceye.
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  7. to each his own. to the point and pointed too. good work, as usual.

  8. I nodded the whole time I read this. And that last line should be made into a bumper sticker.

  9. Too breathless to sit back and cherish life.

  10. It hits the nail on the head!

    Here is mine:

  11. I live in the chilled-out lane.

    Nice 55.

  12. Thoughtful work.

    As it is, it's solid. This would be excellent, if shown (via a story/tale-telling poem), not told - tell a story about a fast lane person; given the strength of the idea, it should be nothing for a writer like you to transform this into an indelible work.

    Suggestion aside, smart stuff.

  13. Hah!! Perfectly said!! Maybe that's why I decided to take a break from that race... whheeww.. and this is goooodd. :)