Thursday, March 7, 2013

A meetup!

Just a couple of days back an old friend called. He had migrated to Australia a couple of decades back.
We were colleagues in the airline industry and worked together at the airport for around five years during which we bonded quite well and developed a healthy respect for each others' taste and work ethics.
At the airport we had to work in different shifts, namely morning, afternoon and night shifts. It was then that we were on the lookout for a drink at the end of our work day that would relax our nerves after a hectic day of handling difficult passengers who used to behave as if they had enslaved the airline staff just by buying a ticket.

And we were taught to not disturb that concept by our airline and we were at the receiving end even when the weather Gods misbehaved. When flights were delayed due to bad weather, we were held responsible for the losses suffered by the passengers who missed important meetings.

It was then that we stumbled, well not literally, on one of the finest Scotch whiskies ever - Black Dog! And ever since it has been our preferred drink to share our thoughts and relax our tattered nerves.

So it was no surprise that when my friend called and said "Lets meet up with our good old friend Black Dog when am in town next week! And so it was. Black Dog, my friend and me reliving our good old days!

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Enjoy responsibly!


  1. The kebabs look yum yumm...! Enjoy your drink n adda!!

  2. woah .. awesome .. with this pic you just reminded me of the good old days i had with friends!

  3. The kebabs look great.. the drink.. I'll take your word for it :-).

  4. The kebabs just Before the Black dogs managed to do the wonders. I think so.