Friday, March 8, 2013

Flight to London

This morning woke up very early for our flight to London from Mumbai for a long holiday. The excitement of international travel was rising along with the temperature in Mumbai. Boy, was I glad to be leaving the steamy conditions of Mumbai!

 It was going to be a long nine hour flight and had started preparing for it in the past week. I hate travelling by air, prefer a road trip anyday, and would surely love to do it someday. So as part of the preparations, went out and bought a bottle of one of the finest Scotch in India - Black Dog. No, had no intention of consuming it all during the flight, though given the smoothness, could be a bright possibility.

Our flight was at seven in the morning and we taxied out for take off around fifteen minutes ahead of schedule. A sumptuous breakfast of sausages, omelet, potatoes, and croissant was served and soon after I kept myself busy watching a movie.

Then around twelve o'clock I decided to bring out my bottle of Black Dog and relax for rest of the flight. Called the crew for ice and glass that was served in a jiffy along with crunchy roasted salted peanuts. I replenished my glass with the Centenary Black Dog a couple of times. It was this golden liquid along with the wonderful Jazz and Blues collection on board that let me forget that I was sitting in an aircraft and before I knew it we had arrived! The captain announced that due to tail winds and an early departure from Mumbai we had arrived around forty minutes early!

Thank you Black Dog for making my journey so pleasurable!


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Enjoy responsibly


  1. will miss you magic eye
    now that you are happy
    with a black dog
    hitting high notes
    in the sky
    wait for your return
    bandra east ka bhai

  2. Hmm. The white dog is listening.....


  3. have fun! will wait for the stories of your stay there and of course, the photographs :)

  4. All the best. What about Bozo? Oh! He'll miss you so...


  5. Have a great time, Magic eye. We look forward to your travel stories and pictures.

  6. enjoy magiceye !!! post lots of pics from there !

  7. Did you read what White Dog said to that??!! Awwww....!