Saturday, March 9, 2013

Arrival in London

On arrival in London we got through all the Government formalities like Immigration and Customs very quickly. We were out within half an hour! Was genuinely surprised after having heard horror stories of time spent in queues. We were just lucky I guess that our flight landed at a time during the lean time at the Heathrow airport. 

Strangely did not see a duty free shop till we were out of customs and the one that was there was a tiny one! The variety of products and pricing was lacking and a total turn off. The duty free shopping experience in Mumbai is surely a much much better one than the one on arrival in London.

Just thanked my stars that I had a bought a bottle of Scotch from India. Yes the Black Dog!

As we stepped outside, the only warmth there was in the greeting as our daughter and son-in-law received us. Else it was a dark, overcast and rainy afternoon. Fortunately for us we did not encounter much traffic on our way home too.

Having reached home, we got talking and planning what to do during our stay. The first thing I said we would do is share a bottle of the finest scotch – the Black Dog.

And over some fine sips we relaxed, followed by a sumptuous lunch of Palak chicken and Palak Paneer with Rotis! Could not have asked for a more warm and wonderful reception!

Retired early as were tired after the long flight.

Tomorrow would be a day out in town!


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  1. except the non availability of duty free shops in London, you got a warm welcome in London thanks to BD !

  2. London is London, cold, hazy or rainy.Reminded me of my own visit there on a pouring day
    Enjoy yourself!!!

  3. Nothing beats the warmth of family! Wish you a wonderful stay, enjoy your vacations :)