Sunday, March 10, 2013

A walk in the English rain

Had made plans for a walk around tour of Central London but rains played spoil sport. However we ventured out on the overcast day with our umbrellas with a fond hope that the drizzle would stop. But apparently the rain Gods loved us so much they accompanied us all day through our walk and showed us what is meant by miserable English weather!

We took the almost empty Metro to Covent Garden and our daughter walked us through the hallowed structures of London School of Economics where she had studied. Then we walked through the Covent Garden market and to a Japanese restaurant ‘Wagamama’ for lunch. I feasted on Wagamama Ramen 

special noodle soup with lots of meat and veggies. Having stuffed ourselves with the delicious food, off we 

went again in the drizzle to the market and then on to Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus. We were determined not to let the rains spoil anything for us and we succeeded partly though could not take many pictures for fear of getting the camera wet. However took a few with the phonecam and decided to repeat the walk again on a brighter day. Took the metro back and spent the evening browsing in the Harrow town centre.
Returned home to the warmth of our friend measured in liquid gold – the Black Dog, one of the finest scotch 

available in India, that I had brought all the way to London. The Black Dog sure helped me relax at leisure and warmed up my body that was cold after a walk in the cold drizzly London weather. Thank you 

Black Dog for being there when needed most! 

Black Dog is celebrating 130 years of its existence in being part of celebrations of living life in style

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Enjoy responsibly!

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