Thursday, March 28, 2013

Black Dog and Pizza

We took a train to Napoli or Naples from Rome. The journey was comfortable and took us just a couple of hours. Checked in to a hotel close to the Railway Terminus outside which there is the Bus terminus too. Plenty of pizza and coffee restaurants cheek by jowl with McDonalds lining the perimeter of the Terminus square.

Napoli is supposed to be the birth place of the Pizza and that obviously was our choice for dinner that night. Called for the Margherita. While on the walking tour of Rome the guide had

informed us that the Margherita pizza was tricoloured like the Italian flag Red (tomato sauce) White (mozzarella cheese) and Green (basil) and named after the Italian Queen Margherita.

To celebrate this wonderful creation we brought out the Black Dog eighteen year old that had a truly noble bouquet of luscious malty tones and rich velvety textures with a hint of oloroso sherry in the background. As we sipped it in between bites of the juicy delicious pizza we 

realized that the Black Dog was the perfect accompaniment with its round and mellow flavours with an impeccable balance of individual malt and grain whiskies and silky soft tones that dance on the tongue.

Perfect combination to Live in Style!


Drink responsibly.


  1. Yesterday I had one from Dominoes . Yummy
    Travel India

  2. I love what the Americans/Aussies sell called the Napolian pizza, but I have no idea if that's the authentic thing. Hope it is! :) Would love to visit Rome someday! Enjoy your trip!

  3. Oh, that slice looks so delicious...great place, great food! Enjoy ur trip!