Sunday, March 17, 2013

Celebrate in Style

Finally the day had arrived. The day to celebrate. The day for which we had come all the way from India with a precious bottle of Gold - The Black Dog Reserve. Let me just remind you why this scotch is so precious. As they say it is a little science, a little art and a snifter full of magic! Black Dog’s master blenders have used all their talents and wizardry to perfect this label. The Highland malts lend Black Dog 12 year old their dry character. The Speyside malts add their complexity and refined smoothness while the Islay whiskies contribute their typical peaty character and the Lowland malts bring in their full bodied sweet character. These are carefully married together in the time honoured art of blending so that the older whiskies dominate!
As the tag line says - Let the World Wait! 

It was time to bring out the cherished Black Dog to celebrate. And celebrate we did! As the amber liquid with golden highlights was sipped and relished, the warmth of the relationships were enhanced and a feeling of cheer spread into the room.

The Black Dog Reserve was the perfect accompaniment to the Paneer Kadai and the British national 

dish, the Chicken tikka masala.

Undoubtedly a great time was had by all, thanks to the wonderful food accompanied by the finest scotch - Black Dog.

Live in Style!


Drink responsibly.


  1. Looks like it was truly a great time. There used to be a time when fine whiskey was hard to come by in the Indian market, but now apart from the world players, there are some very fine homegrown blends and pure malts too. Good times for whiskey lovers!