Monday, March 18, 2013

Tandoori Nights

While walking around Covent Garden, saw this Indian restaurant called Indian Tandoori Nights, something like the famed Arabian nights, I wondered. Thought of going in to check it out but it was full and I was in no mood to wait hence stepped out and fantasised about what Tandoori Nights could be like with my favorite scotch Black Dog to give me company.

And when it is Black Dog the evening is definitely royal.
So there I sat comfortably ensconced in my recliner chair with the bottle of liquid gold waiting to be sipped and relished!
I clapped twice and voila the chicken sheekh kebabs appeared.

Poured the scotch on rocks and took the first sip. Was heavenly!The matured wood aroma and the pronounced rich malt took the evening to another level.
The chicken sheekh kebab was the perfect accompaniment with the Cilantro chutney dip.
The Black Dog does pair very well with Tandoori food!

Am glad I tried it. You must too! An evening of the finest scotch, the Black Dog and Tandoori food does indeed make for incredible Tandoori Nights!

So guys Live in Style!


Drink Responsibly.


  1. Aww! Delicious tandoors!yum!

  2. hmm...that Sheekh looks so YUM!!
    Keep enjoying London and Black Dog. :)

  3. Lovely picture of the Seekh kababs ----and is there really a restaurant by that name ??--there was a nice serial about an Indian restaurant of the same name starring Sayeed Jaffrey long time back