Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ultramintz - The Art of keeping cool!

Mints and me go back a long way! And we have had a love and hate relationship ever since.
I still remember my first cigarette in the late 60s. It was branded ‘Cool’ as it was menthol flavoured and every time I lit it up and inhaled I felt cool (Literally and figuratively). Gradually as years passed I moved on to different brands and sucked on mints to ward off the bad breath caused by smoking. 
Always carried a packet of mints in my pocket to ensure that the surprise meeting or date went off with a pleasant minty breath. Then it became sort of addictive and my mouth would feel sore after a couple.
Then my job involved talking to a lot of people which again dried out my mouth and then again it was the lovable mints to my rescue!
Somehow all of a sudden I stopped usage of mints, due to me being afflicted with diabetes and the sugar in the mints would not help.

And now out of the blue comes this magnificent product - the mother of all mints – Ultra Mintz! It is Ultra cool, literally and figuratively too!! And yes it is sugar free too; hence I can suck on these Ultra Mintz all I want without a pang of guilt! It is the latest offering from ITC and is designed for discerning people who are 

conscious of their calories and sugar levels. It sure is a premium mint packed in a designer case and though tiny it does pack a punch. Each of these mint is laced with peppermint oil imported from France and is made from the finest quality of menthol. Further, it is powered by speciality cooling compounds for super cooling! And the best part is they are sugar free. So any time I want to feel the coolness in my mouth or whenever I wish to get that minty feeling to refresh my mouth of stale breath all that I have to do is pop an Ultramintz and that too without any guilt pangs or worry about the sugar damaging my health!

The best thing about these classy mints is the packaging. They are all packed in a tiny box which is then packed I a designer case which when opened looks like a jewellery case! And rightly so! It spells class all the way. One can even gift these as maybe return gifts or just for the heck of it. You can rest assured, your gift will be appreciated for a long, long time and will be talked about with a hint of menthol freshness!
And this is something that goes beyond any age barriers. It can and is being enjoyed by my mother who is in her eighties, my son who is in his twenties and me! So don’t think that these UltraMintz are for the teenagers or the youth only. They are for all who love to keep their breath fresh any time of the day or night!

So go for the Ultra Mintz – the mother of all mints! And keep fresh and cool, always!

I am reviewing mint-o Ultramintz as a part of the Product Reviews Program at BlogAdda.